Why Workspace Concierge?  


After over a decade in the Executive Suite and Flexible Office space industry, Serviced Office Industry as as Global account amanger i simply wanted to work more closely with my clients - on all aspects of their flex worksapce porfolios.

Flexible Workspace is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.  

Five years ago, most companies utilizing serviced offices more than likely only had to work with one or two account managers across their flex space portfolios.  Fast forward to 2017 with the sheer growth of this industry, companies may now need to work with 5-6 different providers which in turn means 5-6 more account managers.  

Facility Managers are busy people.  Large traditional space leases take time, and their time is stretched even thinner when search, management and operational aspects of serviced offices are also in play.

 I would hear time and time again from my clients that they wished they could just make one phne call for all their serviced space needs and have one person manage that portfolio for them.  

Searching for serviced offices and providers across the globe can be a Facility Manager's nightmare.   Working through which providers can accommodate your needs,  who to contact and then waiting for a reply is time consuming & frustrating.  

As a Global Account Manager for the world's second largest serviced office provider - this was a pain point for most of my clients.  They would