We evaluate your flexible workspace business, delivering a comprehensive analysis and review - coupled with recommendations for under-utilized serviced opportunities to maximize your revenue and operational excellence.  

Our initial review process is broken down into three core areas that include Team, Clients and Services offered. 


The most important part of your operation is Team.  We complete a review on all roles and responsibilities to ensure your space to team ratio is on track creating maximum value for clients and revenue alike.

Evaluations include; day to day time management, sales and hospitality operations.                                                                                                                                         



We dive deep into your existing client relationships, welcomes, move in/out, terms and conditions along with day to day correspondence & communication.   

With impartial surveys, face to face meetings & touch point communications, we provide key member feedback to enhance relationships fostering longevity.                                                                               

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From your digital footprint through to a complete understanding of the customer experience, we identify gaps in your current sales cycle. We highlight growth opportunities along with any under developed revenue streams - to maximize revenue and reach full operational potential.

By analyzing your USP's first hand, we set you on the right path to thrive in your market and combat the competition.

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