Want to start your own coworking or
shared workspace business?

 Start your own flexible workspace and make your mark in a high demand, dynamic industry.  
We work with each clients in a variety of ways, tailoring programs and solutions to suit their unique vision, timelines and budgets.

Build out your Business Model and Strategic Plan, from $150 hour.

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    Research & Development When deciding to start your own Cowork/ Flex space business, we start by reviewing the current market conditions and potential location. A critical first step for newcomers to the industry.  
    Part A = minimum 4 hour engagement

    Part A Current Conditions Market Study 

    • Demographic, Social & Consumer Area
    • Local Area Demand analysis
    • Competition Landscape & Review
    • Products offered in the current market 
    • Product Opportunities & Risks Assessment 

    Part B Potential Site /Location review 

    • Site / Location analysis
    • Product and Services suggestions
    • Establish initial USP’s and Market Differentiation
    • Initial Pricing Matrix 
    • Preliminary Feasibility Report 
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    Floor Design & Ratios If you already have your location and area selected, we can help you work through the best fit scenarios and floor plate ratios for a successful flexible workspace business and outline the following;  

    • Floor Plate / Floor Planning  
    • Success Ratios
    • Best Fit Scenario ( 2 model comparison)
    • Utilization Review
    • Comprehensive Feasibility Report 
    • Design & Mood Boards 

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    Strategic Planning We will walk you through all facets of the strategic planning process to define your business model, software and IT considerations, then lay out the financial plan and projections for the next 5 years.

    • Defining the Business Model
    • Web, Technology and Operational Considerations
    • Capital & Operational Expenditure Review
    • P&L Analysis
    • Financial Projections >1-5 years 
    • Sales Projections, Targets and KPI's

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    Marketing & Launch Program The goal is open your center at a minimum 30% occupied Day One. That means your marketing and launch process needs to work with and for you while you are building out your space.  
    • Business Development Strategy
    • Marketing & Relationship Building
    • Local Area lobbying & Network program
    • Establishing Referral Partnerships
    • Marketing Timeline 
    • Event Series Wireframe
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    Operations Developing an inquiry procedure, selling process and operational strategy is critical before you open. We work with you remotely and on-site to hire and train your team to swing into action Day One.

    • Comprehensive Sales and Inquiry Procedures 
    • Team - Roles, Position Descriptions
    • Customized Sales and Support Training
    • Center Monthly Financial Reports
    • Policy & Procedures 
    • Supplier Review
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    Ongoing Support We work with established providers to inject fresh perspective into their Sales and Operational strategies. The overarching goal is to drive more leads and revenue and uncover under utilized business services to grow.
    • Understnding the Customer Experience 
    • SEO considerations 
    • Sales and Operational Training
    • Local Area Marketing Strategy
    • Mystery Shop
    • Developing Community 

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    • Virtual offices
    • Meeting Rooms 
    • Office Space
    • Coworking 
    • Networking and Community Relations
    • Industry How To's
    • Design & Office Set Up
    • Location & Event Guides