“10 Ways to Drum up More leads”

“The Selling Series”

Overcoming Objections l Part 4

“I want to think about it”

Aghhhhhhh!! These are the nasty six words a sales person never wants to hear.  

More than likely we have said these words ourselves when we last shopped around for a pair of shoes, handbag or even our last car. 

Try to think back to when you last said these crushing words to that sales person…

because when you didn’t buy those shoes, jeans or that car there probably was a reason. Right?

And that reason probably had very little to do with you needing “To think about it”.

I bet there was an underlying factor on why you didn’t buy whatever it was right there on the spot.  Was it that the sales person was too pushy? Was it because you could find better value somewhere else? Or maybe you didn’t really need it immediately? 

Whatever it was, there was a reason.

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Part One: Leads

How to make the most out of every lead and get them in to tour!

“As a sales person, the very best part of your day should be when you receive a lead. 

Because Leads can make or break any business.  

So, why is it then… when making an inquiry to a business with an opportunity to buy something, that more often than not we are left with the feeling that we just interrupted the sales persons day

Have you ever had that happen to you?  

I certainly have – and it doesn’t feel good.  It happens across all industries – without prejudice.  Unfortunately for us and I hate to say this, it happens in our industry too and we may not even realize we are doing it.

There will always be countless reasons why we may feel interrupted each day.  I get it.  It’s not easy running a shared space center.  I’ve done it all over the world.  Its universal… trust me. There are a ton of client queries… someone needs a cable for the meeting room and the coffee machine needs more beans… again!!

It’s not easy to be happy and engaging every minute of the day – but when it comes to leads and the ways we respond to them is where we all need to pay a little more attention no matter what industry you are in.

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Part Two l The Art of The Tour

We start Part Two from the moment you have sent your Tour Confirmation; 

If your Tour is that day or within a few days, your calendar tour confirmation will suffice.  If your Tour is more than 3 business days away – then our suggestion is to reach back out to the inquiry lead and remind them of the tour.  You can text, email or telephone and leave a message with a personal greeting;

“Hi <name>, It’s Melissa from Workspace Concierge.  Just a quick note to say that on behalf of myself and my team at <Center Name> we are looking forward to meeting you on <date>, <time>. If you have any questions before the tour you can catch me at <phone number> or <email>.  Thanks, and have a great day!”

The goal is to build rapport before they come and tour so that when they walk in, you have a warm and engaged relationship to take to the next level.

I’ve been very impressed with communications I have received from providers. 

It is turning up to the tour that has been lackluster ☹

Part Three l USP’s

The way you tour your floor will ultimately determine whether you win or “sell” a new client. 

Today in this worksheet we will work through your USP’s and the conversations you need to have during your tour. 

What is a USP?

A USP is a Unique Selling Proposition.  USP’s are products, services or experiences that differentiate you in your industry and / or market.  You and your team all need to know what they are, and they should form part of your tour in an organic way – each and every time.

Most companies will limit their USP’s to the top 3-5 products, services or experiences. 

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