Our Clients have told us over and over again that it can be lonely out there when building a shared space or coworking center without anyone to call to bounce an idea off or someone to talk strategy with. We heard you!

We are excited to announce we are launching an E-book Resource Center and Online Information Workshop curriculum specifically for the Flexible Workspace Industry!

Our aim for the Workspace.Academy is to build an online platform where you and your team have access to information & resources that truly make a difference to your business.

Clients ask us all the time about Best Practices to follow when opening a center, Sales processes, How to train a team, What to do when reaching 100 memberships through to driving revenue to under performing service areas.

We will help you navigate these questions and a whole lot more, whilst being a part of a safe online community of like minded shared space operators just like you.

Sign up to be part of the Workspace.Academy Community today or ask a question below!

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