Chinese New Year 2019


5th February

Five fun ways to celebrate with your Clients this Lunar / Chinese New Year!

新 年 快 乐

“The Year Of the Pig” starts on February 5th, 2019!

Did you know that celebrations actually start on the 28th January for the Little Year Festivities and run right up until New Years Eve on the 4th February. These Celebrations are then followed by New Year on the 5th and run for two weeks with the Spring and Lantern Festivals until the 19th February.

The festivities prior to New Year is all about feasting well and historically was to ward off the terrorizing Nian monster who lived at the bottom of the sea and would come up once a year to eat everything insight including humans!! Villagers would fire off firecrackers and hang large and loud red colored decorations to keep the monster at bay. The color red also signifies happiness and good fortune and is well loved by the Chinese.

Here are our 5 fave ways to celebrate

with your Clients;

  1. Fortune 福 (fú) Paper decorations

    This Symbol represents Fortune and a simple yet great idea is to tie or hang one with a red or gold ribbon on each of your client’s door handles on Monday night giving the gift of prosperity for The Chinese New Year.

2. Celebrate The New Year with Fortune Cookies in your kitchen!

Many grocery stores have prepackaged fortune cookies that you can display in a red bowl to celebrate - you may even wish to get creative and bake some yourself like these ones dipped in chocolate or glitter. Here is a recipe we found!


3. Display Mandarins as a good luck treat for Clients in your kitchen

Fruit such as oranges and mandarins symbolize fullness and wealth. Many say that the more fruit your eat - more wealth will come your way! YUM!

REd envelope.jpg

4. Give Red Envelopes with Chinese coins inside for prosperity

Red envelopes with symbolic Chinese coins tied together with red string is a traditional gift to transfer prosperity into the New Year. Do not despair if you can not get hold of Chinese coins - you can easily substitute the real Chinese coins with chocolate coins covered in gold foil. Simple red envelopes can be used with a handwritten “Happy New Year” for a personal touch.

Chinese Food.jpeg

5. Celebrate with a Chinese Food Luncheon!

A fun and engaging way to get all your clients together can be to celebrate the New Year with a Chinese Food luncheon. A terrific way to use some of that marketing budget! Why not set up for an hour in your conference room and invite all the tours you have had over the last few months that you have not yet converted into Clients. They can join and mingle with your existing Clients who will sing your praises and advocate your center and services! WINNING!